samedi 4 novembre 2017

Chili con ChessSolidarity - 2

What about a chessgame while waiting for a music lesson ?

CIFAN Foundation, located in Valdivia south of Santiago (Chili), is performing an orchestra with children from the street.

The little money we send was helpful to buy an oboe.
And chess games have started thanks to ChessSolidarity kits.

In the local chess club at Valdivia, the 14 year old Javiera Gomez got the GM title.
Now that CIFAN as chess sets the next dream would be to have a visit from her and why not a short lesson or simultaneous games ?

mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Chess sweet home against Alzheimer

It was a pleasure to play chess against Jean-Marie B.
Not because he is a Master or a kind of people.

Jean-Marie is a discreet gentleman living in the heart of Paris.
He happen to have 20 years around 64 years ago but kept his love for the 64 squares since then.

We were asked for chess lessons to help him after an Alzheimer diagnostic.

Of course, when you play chess with Jean-Marie you must forget anything like speed.
And because the short memory is in trouble, you have to repeat many times - 5 times - 10 times - well, any needed number of times until things go on.

Jean-Marie is unhappy when he loose but he has a polite and kind way to thank you for the game that it makes you wonder who is the true winner.

We were gentle, patient, we mentioned non authorises moves, but we must be forgiven for not letting him win.

It was a pleasure to play chess against Jean-Marie B.
Time, teaching and goodies offered thanks to ChessSolidarity.

jeudi 27 juillet 2017

Chess at school in Guyana

We are pleased to see that children from school of 3 Palétuviers in Guyana are concentrated on the chess puzzles that you can find in our little Holliday book for chess players.

ChessSolidarity delivered 10 samples of our newly edited book and the President of French Chess Federation, Bachar Kouatly, as well as Olivier Renet -GM-  kindly put an autograph on a sample offered to Daniel Baur (school director).

Have good hollidays boys !