vendredi 11 décembre 2015

News from Chess at school in Népal

We are pleased to give some fresh news from the Chess at school in Népal project.

Together with some representatives of the french chess community, ChessSolidarity made a cash donation of 540 euros (1) to the french ONG Little World Népal (LWN).

From 31 october until 1 december, 12 volunteers from LWN visited small villages (north-east from Katmandu) and delivered school material and games, clothes, as well as money to re-build houses. The travel is detailed on LWN's blog.

Remember the chess sets we bought in Paris ? those who attend a director meeting at the French Chess Federation ? who take the TGV (fast train) to a little place in Bretagne called Saint-Jacut ?

Our (your) chess sets were offered at the village of Magadeurali (Dolakha district).

Obviously, the photo send to us show that our students need some chess training. Any teacher to help ?