lundi 6 avril 2015

Chess at school in Mongolia - News

In February 2015, Wilfried and Norlène from french Guyana, went to Paris, Moscou were they visited the brand new chess museum and from there, all the way to Mongolia and the international french school based in Oulan Bator.

ChessSolidarity organized a VIP chess day in Paris with a simultaneous game against Olivier Renet (GM), and we were honored by the presence of Laurent Fressinet (French Champion).

A poster with chess pieces names in french-english was offered. And it can be seen now on the picture below taken in a class of the french school in Oulan Bator.

The whole story was made possible thanks to Daniel Baur, their teacher and director.
Congratulations to him and to Wilfried and Norlène who made a dream came true.